The author of this website and of the listed books is a retired mechanical engineer who has never worked in the railroad world. Interest in rail fixings was triggered by an accidental discovery and has grown and deepened through innate curiosity. Work in distant countries came in handy.

Jan Roos

The data that led to this website and the books has been brought together over nearly thirty years and comes from nearly three thousand sources. Those sources are relevant books, articles, websites, brochures, leaflets, service instructions, patent applications, and drawings. The oldest source dates from 1550 and the last from this year. They have been collected in countless libraries at home and abroad, during visits to fairs and (railway) museums and universities throughout Europe, and supplied by other interested parties. This does not alter the fact that there may be shortcomings and errors in the books and the website. Interpreting technical terms, often in foreign languages, also means that this can happen. That is why it is very much appreciated if attentive readers point this out to me. Asking for what has not (yet) been published and for other additional information and visiting the collection can also be done in this way.

This can preferably be done by e-mail and also by telephone.